Photo: David Dundas Brandt


Tybalt: Drums

Hazzlegard: Guitar and backing vocals

Svik: Vocals

Sturt:: Bass

Den Gamle: Guitar and backing vocals



Formed in the early summer of 2020 by Oslo-based musicians Den Gamle and Hazzlegard on guitars, and Sturt on bass, TILINTETGJORT’s lineup was completed with the addition of Tybalt on drums and Svik on vocals, and work quickly started on the album that was to become  “In Death I Shall Arise”.

TILINTETGJORT’s Avant-garde Black Metal finds its inspiration in ’90’s Black Metal, along with ’70’s Prog, and a variety of other experimental genres, and by melding them together and adding their own, personal touches, the band creates a nightmarish visions of alchemical madness and arcane mysteries that blur the line between insanity and reality, filling the listener with dread.

A fierce and passionate band, TILINTETGJORT are one of the more interesting artists to have appeared  on the Oslo Black Metal scene recently.  Their work ethic is not to be doubted, with its members undertaking an arduous creative process and  gruelling rehearsals in order to produce the desired results, both in the studio for “In Death I Shall Arise” and on stage for live performances.

For the recording “In Death I Shall Arise” TILINTETGJORT preferred to use some of the older techniques, with the majority of the album being recorded live over  a period of three days.  After a few overdubs in Evil Octopus Studios, the album was mixed at Chaka Khan before being mastered by Jack Control of Enormous Door.

As a result “In Death I Shall Arise” is a focused and inspired piece of work that displays an abundance of creativity on the part of TILINTETGJORT, with the band’s desire to break down the stifling confines of a genre that frequently finds itself stagnating very much in evidence. 

Filled with inspiration and madness of the soul, “In Death I Shall Arise” invites the listener to join the band as they embark on a journey to hunt for truth in a widely delusional world, guiding  us through the mysteries of knowledge and death. 

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