"Lenge siden black metal fikk meg til å måpe"

Score: 6/6


"What we have here is black metal injected with personality and a palpable sense of musical identity"

Score: 4.5/5

Ramzine UK

""Welcome" CELTIC FROST, habe ich irrtümlicherweise das Kult-Meisterwerk «Morbid Tales» aufgelegt?"

Score: 8.5/10

Metal Factory

"It’s a certified killer!"

Favorite song: Dommedagsmonument

Veil of Sound

"This is an extremely satisfying and enjoyable album, one which I urge you to explore both carefully and recklessly. Hail Tilintetgjort!"

Wonderbox Metal

"De muziek op dit In Death I Shall Arise is kort samengevat magistraal goed te noemen en het album klinkt dan ook nog eens geweldig!"

Score: 90/100

Zware Metalen

"... musically this is great, and it provides an excellent foundation for future, envelope-pushing music to be built upon"

Score: 6/10

Distorted Sound Mag

"Album che riesce a rappresentare con poetica musicalità il sublime caos che caratterizza la natura; quella terrena, quella cosmica…. e quella degli inferi."

Score: 8/10

Metalhead Italia

"I believe that “In Death I Shall Arise” has something to offer to every black metal fan, particularly those who enjoy more complex and daring music."

Showcasing song: Vinter Og Høst

Black Metal Zine

"“Vinter og høst” is where you can most clearly see the influence of Ved Buens Ende…"

Score: 3.5/5

Metal Academy

"Strengt tatt er nok ‘In Death I Shall Arise’ en av mine favoritt-skiver i 2023"


"Their new album In Death I Shall Arise is blisteringly twisted, taking in exciting variations on classic ideas and reinvigorating them with unique production choices and avant garde ideas."

Two Guys Metalreviews

Todo ello le confiere a su música un halo clásico y underground con tintes CELTIC FROST o DARKTHRONE pero también a los primeros trabajos cósmicos de ARTURUS o los avantgarde DØDHEIMSGARD"

Score: 7/10


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